Digitek Labs: Software and Hardware Development Laboratory

Digitek Labs is a research and development laboratory of Computer Systems and Software Engineering department of Computer Science faculty.

Research and development areas are:

  • software engineering
  • development of software for various computer and automated systems
  • design and development of information systems
  • development of both general and special purpose information and computing systems
  • development of high reliable hardware/software systems

The laboratory participates in collaboration with leading Russian and foreign companies focused on computer systems and information technologies. Digitek labs carries out several government contracts for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Digitek labs conducts intensive scientific researches in several areas. One of the most successful product is static defect detection tool Aegis for C/С++. It performs automatic detection of the most wide-spread defect in sequential as well as in parallel C/C++ programs with high sound and precision.

Another area of application of static analysis is synchronization error detection in SystemC designs. We have developed Aegis for SystemC which copes with deadlocks and data races.

For last five years our laboratory works in reliability analysis of complex-structured hardware systems and automation of high reliable hardware system synthesis. We have developed Reliability Analyzer which automatize computation of reliability characteristics of complex-structured systems. This tool is used by one of the leading car manufacturers.

A new area, which are interested for us, is methods of software reliability estimation. Instead of existing practice our approach is based statically detected defects and program branches reliability which is calculated by static analysis too.